Five Sportspersons Who Support Cannabidiol’s Use

CBD Products For Athletes
CBD Products For Athletes
CBD Products For Athletes
CBD Products For Athletes

Cannabidiol helps athletes to handle many health issues. The most significant effect of cannabidiol for sportspersons is that it helps them to relieve the pain that results from long-hour exercise. So is there any wonder that CBD products for athletes are popular in the market? No wonder many international athletes are speaking up for the legalization of cannabidiol in their sport. Here, we will look at some sportspeople who are also well-known proponents of cannabidiol.

Mike Tyson

The former American boxer is remembered for many things. Unfortunately, people remember him most for biting off a part of his opponent Evander Holyfield’s ear. There is also this more easy-going Tyson off the field who you might not be familiar with. Even when we saw this aspect to Tyson in the movie ‘The Hangover’, the man was going through possibly the worst phase of his life back then.

Anyhow, the controversial boxer is among the most-popular celebrity advocates for cannabidiol and marijuana. The thing about Tyson as a proponent of these items is that this version of him still packs a punch.

Nate Diaz

This popular mixed martial artist has been speaking in support of cannabidiol for a while now. Diaz was once spotted vaping it in a presser held after a duel with Conor Anthony McGregor. Diaz lost that fight, but it did not keep him from using cannabidiol even with all those journalists and other media people present at the press conference. Back then, the UFC fighter said to them that he did it to ease swelling and support healing following a bout.

Marvin Washington

Former NFL (National Football League) players experience pain and mind-related problems years after retirement. This NFL star who played in the ‘defensive end’ position, utilizes cannabidiol to handle these problems. It is now part of Washington’s frequent wellness regime.

David Ahrens

This former National Football League linebacker utilizes cannabidiol to ease chronic pain, as a substitute for opioids. Ahrens was named as one of the parties who initiated lawsuits against this football league for injuries associated with post-retirement concussion. He speaks for the not-for-profit organization namely ‘Athletes for CARE, which aims to educate people on chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Megan Rapinoe

The only woman in this male-dominated list is this soccer star who represents team United States of America. Who could forget her feminist messages to President Donald Trump delivered after Team USA won the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup? Rapinoe was also in the news for the right reasons, such as her positive views on cannabidiol.