CBD is extracted out of industrial hemp. So ‘hemp extract’ will be mentioned on the label of a CBD product and in its list of ingredients. After extracting, CBD is mixed with hemp seed oil or another carrier oil.

CBD oil is shown to help treat a variety of mental health problems, and it helps to deal with eating disorders and sleep disorders. Some studies have claimed that it also helps with certain chemotherapy side effects.

To help you purchase this product, we have amassed a decent compilation of articles containing tips, and this list of blogs will grow. With the US government passing the Farm Bill, we have seen a big boom in cannabidiol-infused products. However, with a large number of brands getting into the market, customers are spoilt for choice.

This is where knowledge of the product is essential. We are only providing information about CBD, not brands. So much like many websites you find on the internet, this is also for just informational purpose.

There is much misconception about CBD oil, and the information posted here might help you clear whatever misinformed idea you have in mind regarding it. Besides, we also make an effort to keep our content fun and engaging, with posts such as the one on CBD month.